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We help you Simplify, Systemise and Scale, so you can get more customers for your organisation

We help companies grow through high-quality marketing process that drives inbound appointments on a weekly basis by 
creating a predictable automated process that will helps our clients save expensive time, close more deals and scale.

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We know how important customers are for your business

They increase your opportunities to generate sales and help you achieve your business goals. But we also know how complicated it can be to get leads?

“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.”
– Zig Zagler


That is why we have made lead generation our business. So that your company doesn’t have to worry about getting enough leads.

With a proven track record on generating new viable opportunities on LinkedIn, we provide a quantifiable ROI for our clients.

Helping our clients to connect with the senior-level and decision making professionals on LinkedIn who are from the same business vertical as them, help our clients to garner more business, increase and improve their sales activity for a sustainable business model.

What we can do for you

We will Find your ideal prospects

We will identify the professionals that would add value to our client’s business, and a sustainable amount of connection requests to the professionals on LinkedIn.
We would elaborately understand the clients’ business and identify their business niche from LinkedIn.
We ensure that connection requests are authentically and organically sent to the professionals that could be converted to a prospective lead.

We believe that if we look after our employees, they will look after our clients. By treating each and every employee with the same respect and appreciation,

We will send a bespoke messages

For each potential lead, our team then curates custom messages addressing the requirements of their organisation and the reason for communicating with them.

This is the most important stage in which our team takes care to understand their company, relate it to the business of our client, and then send tailored messages to each prospective lead.

We will identify the professionals that would add value to our client’s business, and a sustainable amount of connect requests to the professionals on LinkedIn.

Due diligent follow-ups of the leads

Our team takes diligent follow-ups with the prospective leads to set up meetings with the client.

We will select a day, date, and time slots to take the follow-up for each responsive prospect.

We schedule and re-schedule the meetings until the best time is suitable for both parties and keep track of the follow-ups to the meeting until both sides have fixed it.

We ensure to keep a track record of all the leads.

This makes it easy for our customers to maintain a database of all LinkedIn operations to better monitor performance.

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Hasani Agency is a Lead Gen accelerator for B2B companies

We turn leads into a qualified pipeline, which will increase revenue while lowering customer acquisition cost

Through our Lead Gen Acceleration Framework, we build a system to capture existing market demand in intent channels and create new demand in awareness channels

We accelerate demand momentum by focusing on the metrics that matter and empowering marketing teams with our proven strategies – creating an efficient demand engine that becomes your competitive advantage