Who we are

We aim to become the focal point of the most innovative and inclusive digital solutions & helping Online Businesses & Sustainable Brands digitalise their value online

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We were founded in 2019,  with the intention of helping you navigate the world of Online business, the digital age is among us, so it is wise to partner with a expert that specialises in this field. Maximise your online presence potential when working with us & reach new heights

We believe that if we look after our employees, they will look after our clients. By treating each and every employee with the same respect and appreciation,


Founder & CEO

James Kaguima


James Kaguima is the founder & CEO of Hasani Agency, a digital consultancy platform that aims to meet the digital needs of businesses, whilst providing quality digital solutions for our clients.

He has experience in marketing, business development and lead generation, which was acquired after he spent years honing his craft whilst in education studying Business, and eventually getting into Law School where he was leading on the marketing efforts for the Pro Bono Society (had the most members at the university). As well as assuming various marketing roles giving him experience to work with a wide range of businesses in different sectors.

His passion for entrepreneurship has led him to pivot from becoming a Lawyer to become a businessman and dive deep into the startup ecosystem

Although, he did graduate with a Bachelors degree in Law and obtained a Lord Mayor Scholarship for Academic Excellence. He thought “Instead of becoming a lawyer, I will become the person that hires them”

James Kaguima is now a compelling entrepreneurial innovator with experience working with companies & projects that brings sustainable solutions to complex social issues

He often works with people from all walks of life and organisations on career pathways, fulfilling career aspirations, and uplifting underrepresented leaders and young people in the workplace.

He is experienced in providing knowledge and insights on startups, social entrepreneurship, and tackling barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion within the startup & business sector.

He is currently an Ambassador of Youth Employment U.K., where they provide expert guidance and support to all organisations working with and employing young people.

James joined the Positive Transformation Initiative and was elected Chair of the Young People’s & Tough Realities Board, The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) is a network of TRUSTED networks acting for positive societal change, real relationships with real people and its purpose is to help everyone find, create, resource and fund opportunities, that includes you personally, your businesses and your supply chain.

In 2019, our Founder was picked to be one of the faces to appear on FounderVine’s Global Entrepreneurship week campaign and discussed the top qualities of an entrepreneur below